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Current Procurements

RFA 22-01 Merceides Logans Community Innovation Initiative
Funding Brief
Submission Guidebook
Submission Checklist (Attachment A)
Statement of Certification (Attachment B)
Application Narrative (Attachment C)
Reportable Conditions (Attachment E)
Expectations and Disclosures (Attachment F)
Local Preference Policy (Attachment G)
Financial Capacity (Attachment H)
Subcontractor Information (Attachment I)
Contract History (Attachment J)
RFA 22-01 Addendum No. 1 Q & A Now Available

RFQ 21-03 Annual Audit and Report
RFQ 21-03(PDF)

Previous Procurements

RFQ 20-02  Home Visiting System Consultant
RFQ 20-02 (PDF)
Attachment A ; Attachment B
RFQ 20-02 Addendum No.1 Q & A

RFP 19-02 Family Community Support Partnerships – Expansion
Attachment C for RFP 19-02 for Family and Community Support Partnerships – Expansion (Microsoft Word)

RFA 17-01 – Status: Closed
RFA 17-01 (PDF)
Addendum No. 1 (PDF)

RFQ 20-01 Evaluation and Professional Services 
RFQ 20-01 Addendum No. 2 
RFQ 20-01 Addendum No.1 Q&A 

RFQ 18-01 – Status: Closed 
RFQ 18-01 (PDF)
RFQ 18-01 Addendum No. 1 (PDF)

Procurement FAQ

Q. Are these procurements for low-income demographics only?
A. No. Our procurements seek to service families with children from prenatal stages to age 5 in the County of San Bernardino regardless of income or socioeconomic status unless otherwise specified in the procurement announcement.

Q. Are procurement opportunities only for certain business or organizational entities?
A. No. All organizational structures are encouraged to apply if requirements of the specific procurement can be met.

Q. What programs do I need to download the files?
A. Click the links below for program information:
Adobe Acrobat Reader – Click to Download Free Reader
Microsoft Office – If you do not have Microsoft Office, try other free productivity programs such as Microsoft Office OnlineGoogle Docs or Open Office.

Q. What does procurement mean?
A. The procurement process is how we acquire programs and services to serve children prenatal through age 5 in the County of San Bernardino.

Q. Who do I contact for questions about Procurement Opportunities?
1. If it is regarding a particular procurement, please refer to the document about the question and answer process, timeline and contact information. Please read entire document for questions that may already be addressed.
2For general questions or problems with this page, please call (909) 386-7706 or visit the Contact Us page.