The Children and Families Commission for San Bernardino County (First 5 San Bernardino) was created in December 1998, in order to realize the benefits of Proposition 10 (California Children and Families Act) for the County’s youngest residents and their families. The act created a program for the purpose of promoting, supporting and improving the early development of children from the prenatal stage to five years of age, under the guidance of the Children and Families Commission for San Bernardino, and in collaboration with the community and agencies providing services to children.


Promote, support and enhance the health and early development of children prenatal through age five and their families and communities.

North Star

First 5 San Bernardino’s North Star is a system that enables communities, organizations and families to ensure that all children in San Bernardino County are healthy, safe, nurtured, eager to learn and ready to succeed. 
First 5 San Bernardino envisions a system where stakeholders and services are integrated, coordinated and sustainable, and one that families experience as accessible, inclusive and equitable.


  • Evidence-based strategies with measurable impact
  • Collective impact efforts, including coordination/collaboration, alignment leveraging among agencies and across systems
  • Sustainability and capacity building to ensure long-term impact and lasting change
  • Community engagement
What is Prop.10? infograph