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In 2020, First 5 San Bernardino began the process of developing an integrated, home visiting system (HVS) framework specific to San Bernardino County when the organization received a two-year coordination grant from First 5 California (F5CA).  Now a year and a half into the work, the strategy is taking shape

Meet Wendy Lee, Psy.D.Senior Staff Analyst If you ever have the chance to speak with Dr. Wendy Lee, you’ll quickly see why she was hired by First 5 San Bernardino nearly four years ago.  As a clinical psychologist specializing in issues concerning children’s development, her expertise mingles effortlessly with her

First 5 California is back in market promoting its “Give the phone a rest” campaign, according to Jamiann Collins-Lopez, public communications advisor at First 5 California.  The launch for digital advertising began in February, and television, radio and out of home advertising will start in early March.  This creative was

With a mission of uniting America through service, AmeriCorps has been inviting individuals to work alongside each other for the betterment of every community since the early 1960’s.  First 5 San Bernardino became an AmeriCorps site partner in 2010, and 12 years later its members continue to carry the torch