Meet Wendy Lee, Psy.D.
Senior Staff Analyst

If you ever have the chance to speak with Dr. Wendy Lee, you’ll quickly see why she was hired by First 5 San Bernardino nearly four years ago.  As a clinical psychologist specializing in issues concerning children’s development, her expertise mingles effortlessly with her passion as she contributes to the strategies of the organization.

While her husband and two teenage boys affectionately call her a “Baby Whisperer,” technically she is an infant-early childhood mental health consultant who finds working with very young children the most joyful experience.

“Witnessing their neurons firing, the twinkles in the kiddo’s eyes and healthy connections made with their caregivers, it’s truly a magical experience,” explains Dr. Lee.  “I am cognizant of the privilege in my work that can lead to a lasting impact on human interactions and the healing potential.”

Wendy earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the University of Hartford in Connecticut.  She has over two decades of clinical experience centered on issues concerning children’s development from prenatal, infancy to adolescence and the importance of family relationships.  Dr. Lee has presented and trained locally and nationally on infant-early childhood mental health issues.  She is a founding member and current board treasurer of the California Association for Infant Mental Health (CalAIMH).

When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, sleeping and occasional hiking around beautiful San Bernardino County.