Why the First 5 Years Are so Important

Child Development

Brain development research indicates that the emotional, physical and intellectual environments that a child is exposed to have a profound impact on how his or her brain develops. Positive experiences establish a foundation for future success. 

Raising Our Future

First 5 San Bernardino’s commitment to serving our youngest children stems from the research in brain development showing that the experiences of children in their earliest years significantly affect the way they grow and develop. Positive results in the early years impact dramatically on their physical, mental, emotional and social development. This, in turn, reduces the social and financial costs of services the children might need in later years.

High-quality preschool produces significant long-term academic and emotional gains for all students and is especially beneficial to families with limited access to early education enrichment. Increasing investment in high-quality preschool will significantly boost children’s academic and developmental gains in the early elementary years. The studies that have followed children from preschool to adulthood have shown positive outcomes in what matters most: higher graduation rates, lower involvement in crime and less need for public assistance.

Locally, First 5 San Bernardino is committed to increasing opportunities for children to reap the benefits of not only having a high quality preschool experience, but a high quality of life.

More on why the First 5 Years are important:

Heckman Equation – “Why Early Investment Matters”

Professor James J. Heckman, Ph.D. is a Nobel Memorial Prize winning academic at The University of Chicago, most recognized for his work in Economics and Human Development with The Heckman Equation.

First Five Years Fund – “Change the First Five Years and You Change Everything”
This was video was featured at the 2013 State of First 5 San Bernardino Address, produced by national early childhood education advocacy group, First Five Years Fund.

Infographics: Why First 5?

Why First 5?